David HaleTreasurer

I have lived in the Roaring Fork Valley for 39 years. There are two businesses that pay the bills: Aspen Paintworks and Hale Contracting. Aspen Paintworks is a commercial painting business that I own and operate with a business partner of thirty years, whereas Hale Contracting is my own business that does smallish remodels. But that is not all I do. During the past 39 years I took a two year hiatus and lived in lovely New Haven, CT earning an M.A. at Yale University in Religion (with a concentration in Philosophical Theology). I also spent another seven exciting years driving I-70 back and forth to Denver to get my Ph.D. in Philosophy, Religion and Cultural Theory at the University of Denver. So besides working as a contractor I teach philosophy part time at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction.

My wife (Susan) and I built our home on Shield O Mesa twenty five years ago. I have been president of our Road Association (43 members) for three terms and have been intimately involved in the evolution of our main road going from dirt and four-wheel-drive-only to paved asphalt. I believe in having goals, and as a board member of the Upper Snowmass Creek Caucus I would also like to see Watson Divide paved as well.

If I have any time left over from the aforementioned endeavors, my Susan and I still love rock climbing, ice climbing, backcountry skiing, mountain biking and fly fishing – not necessarily in that order and not all at once.

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