Due to the “V” shape of our valley, its abundance of fuel, and the fact that Snowmass Creek Road is the main egress in the event of a fire, the Upper Snowmass Creek Caucus has commissioned a comprehensive fire plan study of fire mitigation actions and evacuation procedures for the area. Heading the study is Kamie Long, District Forester, Colorado State Forest Service. Other expert participants included Doug Paul, Bureau of Land Management Wildland Fire Mitigation Officer, Jim Genung, United States Forest Service, Brooke Stott and Karl Oliver, Basalt Fire, and Valerie McDonald, Pitkin County Sheriff’s Department.

Surveys were emailed to Caucus residents for completion to assist the panel in determining the best course of action in the event of a fire. If you did not complete the fire survey, but would like to, please contact one of the Board members for a copy.

Upper Snowmass Creek Caucus Community Wildfire Protection Plan (PDF)

Emergency Fire Evacuation Kit Checklist (PDF)

Firewise USA™ Program Participation

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