How can I help?

  • Make an unrestricted donation to support the Caucus’s work
  • Make a restricted donation to support a particular Caucus endeavor
  • Tribute: Provide a very special honor to a living friend, relative, or colleague
  • Memorial: Make your online donation a personal remembrance that honors a friend, relative, or colleague.
  • Third Party Fundraising Event: If you’re having an event, make it a fundraiser for the Upper Snowmass Creek Caucus.
  • In-Kind Donations: Use your talents and business skills to help support the Upper Snowmass Creek Caucus meet its mission.


When you donate, personal information provided to the Upper Snowmass Creek Caucus will be kept confidential and will not be sold, rented, or given to anyone without consent.

All funds raised, net of direct costs, will accrue to the Caucus. No fees, commissions, etc., will be applied to funds received.

Gifts will be recognized on the web site, and are deductible.

Please send all donations by check to:

Upper Snowmass Creek Caucus
PO Box 546
Snowmass, CO 81654

Thank You

The Upper Snowmass Creek Caucus would like to gratefully acknowledge our 2020 donors.

Ingrid Antoni
Lynda Cameron
Anne DeBoer
Dave Denniger
Laura Donnelly
Jane & Michael Eisner
Liz & Eric Feder
Cynthia & Ben Guill
Mindy & Jeff Hildebrand
Katie Kitchen & Paul Kovach
Randy Lipton
Art & Jan Martin
Phillip Matthews

Wick Polite
Michael & Madeleine Silverman
Emily & Hawley Smith
Word Wilson
Zeigler Family

Thank you for your generous contributions.

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