Bobbie BrazzellBoard Member

Bobbie Brazzell is a “Navy Brat” growing up at various places around the country and the world as her father, a Naval officer and a Meteorologist, was transferred. She obtained an Education degree from NW Missouri State University and an MA in Psychology from the California Graduate Institute in California. She got involved in Computer Graphics in the mid ‘80’s and taught it at several Community Colleges in Southern California. She then went to work for her husband, Roger Nicholson, as a Manufacturer’s Representative for several companies, among them the Maxell professional Audio /Video and Computer Division that provided Digital Media to the Broadcast Industry.

Maxell closed their Professional Digital Division in 2015, but Roger and Bobbie still have an interest in a company that does quality assurance for Streaming, Bluray and DVDs for the Studio Home Video industry in Southern California.

Bobbie is a member of the American Psychological Association and a past board member of the Western Veteran’s Association. Bobbie and Roger built a house in Snowmass in 2004 and moved here permanently in 2010. Bobbie is currently the Hidden Meadows HOA President on Whisperwind Way. Bobbie has four stepchildren and eight step-grandchildren. She and Roger love the Valley we live in and are committed to keeping it pristine.

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